Forklift Driver

//Forklift Driver


We are looking for the best forklift driver out there.

YOU are an expert level forklift driver.

If you’ve finished loading your truck, without any damage to the product, while other forklift drivers’ trucks are only half loaded…

If you can drive a forklift the way a race car driver drives a race car (SAFELY, but quickly and efficiently) …

If you can load pallets of unstable material quickly without dropping them, while driving on an outdoor inventory yard that has some rough patches…

If you never make mistakes on the product you load (the product you load matches the shipping documents 100% of the time)…

If you can drive backwards with a load better than most forklift drivers can drive forward…

If you have the initiative and drive to get things done, rather than work half the time and goof off the other half of the time…

…then we want you.

We do not want someone who has a few years of forklift experience from a few years ago.

If you have not been the top forklift driver/truck loader at your company, please do not apply. You will not pass our driving test.

We want someone who lives and breathes forklifts. Someone who absolutely knows that they’re the best. Someone who is on his/her way to the Forklift Driver Hall of Fame.

We pay accordingly.

We are based in Rocklin.




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