Mallard Creek Premium Wood Pellet Fuel

Meets or exceeds all industry standards for Ash, BTUs and Moisture for wood pellet fuel.

Mallard Creek manufactures all of it’s wood pellet products at our plant in California and we've tripled the size and production of our pellet mills in 2014 to meet the high demand for our wood pellets.

Unrivaled Quality and Selection for Equine Bedding

With our ever-expanding line of bedding products, we provide a greater variety to choose from than any manufacturer.

You can be assured of consistent guaranteed availability with unparalleled customer service. When it comes to bedding, Mallard Creek has you covered!

Manufacturing Multiple Grades of Wood Pellets

A consistent source of clean raw material and a manufacturing process with strict quality control measures.

From sourcing quality wood to testing, we control every part of the supply chain of our wood pellet products to ensure we manufacture the highest quality biofuel at our pellet mills.

The Very Best Professional Pricing in the Region

Contractors prefer Mallard Creek Landscape Materials for both price and availability.

Mallard Creek offers a full array of barks -- shredded, colored, decorative, as well as Playground Fiber. Plus soils and soil amendments, including Nitro Plus, Organic Lite and more.

Efficient, Sustainable Solutions

All purpose wood pellets proven cost effective for absorbency as animal bedding, litter, in drilling operations and more.

Mallard Creek has over 30 years and millions of tons of wood product experience. Our pellets are manufactured from sustainably harvested forest stock, land clearing, and mills.

Small Animal and Poultry Bedding

Mallard Creek has been making animal bedding of the highest quality for more than 30 years.

Our state-of-the-art machinery manufactures consistently high quality animal bedding - all-natural wood shavings, ultra-absorbent, virtually dust-free, and available in bags and bulk.

Mallard Creek Wood Pellet Mill and Wood Shavings Manufacturer

More than 30 years producing wood pellets, equine bedding, wood shavings, and landscape materials. Reliable Service. Reliable Supply.

Wood Pellet Fuel

A leading manufacturer of premium wood pellet fuel, Mallard Creek produces all wood pellet products at our pellet mill plant — the only one of it’s kind in California. In 2014 we tripled the size and capacity of our pellet mills to meet the high demand for wood pellet products.

Multi-Use Wood Pellets

Mallard Creek manufactures both premium and industrial grade wood pellets for use in residential, commercial and industrial applications. In addition to fuel, our wood pellets are a cost-effective and proven absorbent for drilling operations, animal waste and more.

In Demand Products

We control all aspects of the supply chain of our wood pellet products to ensure quality. Our integrated manufacturing and logistics operation is capable of helping deliver wood pellets anywhere in the Western U.S. — in bulk, 1-Ton super sacks, or 40 lb bags on pallets.